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A journey is called that because you cannot know what you will discover on the journey, what you will do with what you find, or what you find will do to you.

James Baldwin

South Africa



Travel Society

The following questions/answers should help you in making your decision to travel with the Hampton Travel Society. Guidelines may differ for each tour. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!
What is the Hampton Travel Society?
The Hampton Travel Society is the official travel affinity club of the Hampton University Alumni & Family Community.  This lifelong learning program is designed to mix the best of both worlds - learning for the joy of it in fascinating places around the world. The majority of our programs are uniquely designed for the Hampton alumni community, with custom-designed itineraries and often offer access to local experts not available to individual travelers or commercial tour groups. 
Why is the Hampton Travel Society now a benefit?
The Office of Alumni Affairs is dedicated to creating lifelong connections to Hampton University. This affinity travel club  is an organization designed to provide a special sense of community among those who enjoy travel, always dreamed of travelling, and desire educational and cultural exposure. With the lasting connections people will make on our tours, it is our hope that the Hampton Travel Society truly fulfills our aim of building a wide and inclusive community of alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends of Hampton for the good of Hampton and the community at large.
What kind of travel experiences do you offer?
The Hampton Travel Society offers both domestic and international travel destinations with a great mix of experiences including educational and cultural, outdoor activities, and health and wellness.  We will always look at the best times to travel to any of our destinations to give the best mix of experiences for a variety of travelers.
We classify our planned travel into three key segments - Alumni & Family Group Travel, Conference Group Travel, and Private Group Travel. All General Group Travel is planned between the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Hampton Travel Society.  Conference Group Travel primarily is geared to providing unique large group travel planning for official University alumni/affiliate meetings.  Private Group Travel is offered through the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Hampton Travel Society to other alumni affinity clubs that wish to take advantage of our relationships with  travel partners for a specialized private event.

Venice, Italy



Who Can Participate

Do I need to be a Hampton alumni member to travel?

The Hampton Travel Society is open to everyone — from alumni and friends to fans and family. You do not need to be a Hampton graduate to enjoy the opportunity to explore the world with Pirate travelers. We do prefer at least one person in your traveling party to be affiliated with Hampton University as an alumni, faculty, staff, parent, or donor when participating on our tours. In addition, it is important to note that our tours are customized and planned with the Hampton University community in mind. 


What is the typical group size?

It is our goal to keep travel a good value for our members, therefore group sizes will vary based on the destination experience and mode of travel. The maximum group size for general travel will usually fall between 26 - 45 travelers, not including travel leaders or hosts.  Hampton Conference Group Travel will likely be based on larger group sizes with a minimum travel party of 50 attendees.  Hampton Travel Society Private Group Travel for unique Hampton communities (Sororities, fraternities, classes, etc.) can vary based on the group’s specific needs.


What is the age range of HTS members?

The minimum age to participate with the Hampton Travel Society is 21 years of age at or during the time of travel. Travelers can ultimately range in age from early twenties to late retirement. We expect that shared interest in the themes and destinations of study travel will create common bonds and sub-communities within this program. 


Can children participate?

The Hampton Travel Society is primarily geared toward adult travel. There will be some Alumni & Family Group opportunities that will be open to younger travelers. There may also be Private Group Travel opportunities that are planned and targeted at engaging and connecting families. 


Will I feel “left out” if I travel as a single?

As a single person it’s great to have people to travel with, especially your Hampton family. You are traveling with people who have similar interests, who are intending to travel in a way where they learn more than just surface-level sightseeing. We see the Hampton Travel Society as a program that will give all travelers an opportunity to meet Hamptonians they would not otherwise meet, a group of friends that you will continue to remember, know, and associate with long after the trip.


Barcelona, Spain



Lifelong Learning

This is a Lifelong Learning Program. Does this mean we are required to attend lectures and take tests?

The travel club emphasizes learning for the joy of it. Discussions are offered, on occasion, either by the faculty leaders, guest speakers, or guides. Groups visit historic sites, museums, and art galleries, or attend music or theater performances that illuminate topics discussed in forums or seminars. There are no required assignments or tests. Program leaders provide resource lists in advance for those who want to become more familiar with the history and culture of their destination.


Will I have time to pursue my own interests?

On every program we strive to include free time every day, plus one or more free afternoon/evening or full free days. These unstructured times allow you to explore your interests, pursue new experiences, and savor the delights of different cultures. This is one of the great things about group travel: you’ve got some built in travel buddies, without having to move lock-step with them 24 hours a day. Schedules vary by destination, so be sure to look closely at the itinerary posted for your specific journey. 


What are the physical demands of Hampton Travel Society journeys?

Although our programs are not usually “adventure travel”, you should be healthy and fit to successfully participate in Hampton Travel Society Tours & Conferences. Transportation between cities is usually by private coach. All other movement is usually on foot and with public transportation. Participants should be capable of walking up several miles per day over possibly uneven terrain, climbing stairs that might not have handrails, climbing in and out of a variety of transportation vehicles, keeping pace with an active group of travelers on long days of traveling, dealing with the emotional highs and lows that can occur when experiencing a different culture, and being part of a group during certain activities during the day. All travelers have the ability to adjust the itinerary if necessary, but are encouraged to notify their travel leader in those instances.


If I register a year or more before departure, will you just forget about me?

Certainly not! We strive to check in with you about once a month. As departure approaches, you’ll hear from us more frequently.  Here are some of the subjects we’ll communicate with you about: the resource lists and hotel specifics, relevant visa application information, with itinerary updates, to share articles or websites related to your destination or educational theme, currency details, among much else. In addition, prior to all general tours, we will host orientations and a meet and greet mixer for those participating in our upcoming travel. 


The Greek Islands



Planning Travel

How do I learn more about the trip I’m interested in?

The Hampton Travel Society will bring you a number of opportunities from our travel partners. The website will be the hub for directing you to the appropriate partner for any and all travel questions.  Please visit the “Destinations” tab in our menu and the relevant links for connecting with your appropriate travel partner for specialized customer service. Once you are actually booked on any tour, a packet of additional information will be sent to you directly. This information will include what to pack, hotel/ship information, inoculations needed etc.


How do I make a reservation?

The website will be the hub for directing you to the appropriate partner for any and all travel questions.  Please visit the “Destinations” tab in our menu and the relevant links for connecting with your appropriate travel partner for specialized customer service. Most partners will have online booking options available, as well.


I’m traveling as a single but would like a roommate to lower my fee. Can you help me find one?

Yes! If you request a roommate, we will assign a same-sex participant to room with you. We can put participants in touch with each other prior to departure and let them decide if they will be compatible as roommates during a Travel program.


Where can I purchase trip cancellation insurance?

This insurance is designed especially to protect you from trip cancellation penalties and provide baggage and accident/sickness coverage. You must purchase travel insurance through the travel partner specific to your planned trip.  A representative should be able to assist you with identifying the best plan for you.

Do I need a passport?

It depends on the tour – all international travel requires a passport. Your passport should be valid for three months beyond your planned return date. Should you need to apply for a passport, please contact your local post office for an application. If your passport has expired and it was issued less than 12 years ago, you will just need a renewal form. Ultimately, we highly recommend that you have a passport on hand. Now is the time to do what you have always wanted to do, and go where you want to go. Having that passport guarantees that you will never miss an opportunity to experience the world.


Do I need a Visa?

Again, it depends on the tour. If a Visa is required, an application form and directions for filling out the form will be sent to you.


What if I want to make all of my own air arrangements?

You are free to choose the flight schedule and fare that is right for you. All of our trips offer land only pricing which will include everything on the tour, except transportation to the hotel or on board ship, depending on the tour. It is important to make sure that all independent international air travel keeps you in alignment with the group itinerary arrival and departure days. We strongly suggest however that you make every effort to purchase the same flight schedule as our group so that you will be able to take advantage of the group transfers and avoid incurring additional transportation costs at your expense.

Although airfare is not included in your initial fees, you are able to speak directly with the travel partner to look at including your air travel in the complete purchase of your trip.  

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